Tarot Trivia Book, The Magician

When I was in Middle School, everyone so often a shag book would make the rounds.  This was a few pieces of paper stapled together with a bunch of silly questions.  If you got passed one, you had to fill it out and pass it on to the next person.  Things like this float around FaceBook and other places, but I don’t know what they’re called.  Anyway, I have decided to do the Tarot as if they are passing around a shag book.  Since ‘shag’ has a sexy meaning these days, I am going to call them trivia books.  I might just do the majors, but I might do the other cards, too.  Anyway, here is

our first victim.

The Magician
Okay, this got passed to me by some dude with a white dog nipping at his legs and a

Magician 1

The Witches Tarot By: Ellen Dugan Illustrated by: Mark Evans

dreamy look on his face.  It looks like fun, so here goes…

* Favorite smell – Air right before a lightening storm.
* First job – Manifestation
* Dream job – Sculptor.

* Astrological sign – Aries/Rat
* Favorite foot attire – hand crafted leather boot
* Favorite candy – Never-ending gob stoppers
* Favorite ice cream – Black cow made with Jolt cola
* Pet peeves – people who say “I can’t”
* Favorite condiment – Ghost pepper hot sauce
* Favorite holiday – New Year’s Day
* Favorite movie – A Beautiful Mind
* Favorite day of the week – Wodin’s Day
* Favorite animal – Beavers – They build stuff.
* Tattoos – A Lemniscate on my right shoulder and the Staff of Ra on my ….
* Like to cook – Hell yeah!  I’m a great cook.
* Can you drive a manual transmission? Of course.
* Favorite color – All
* Do you like vegetables? Of course, I made them

* Do you wear glasses? Nope
* Favorite season – All
* Dream travel destination – Well, every so often I go to Bethselamin for a few weeks, just to chill out, but I always forget to get a receipt in the lavatory.

Come on…someone do this with me.  High Priestess, I’m tagging YOU! Hold down your finger and copy and paste into your own status with your own answers.