Tarot Trivia Book – #3 Empress

Hello, I’m so glad you could drop by!  Sit down and share my picnic while I look over these questions.  Here, have some of the wine.  Let kids go play, this will take me a few minutes.

* Favorite smell – Fresh fruit just after its been harvested.  Here, smell these grapes.  See what I mean.  Yummy.
* First job – and last job.  Nurturing new life everywhere.
* Dream job – Chef. I love to feed people.
* Astrological sign – Cancer/Rabbit
* Favorite foot attire – Nothing.  I like to feel the earth under my feet.

Gaian Tarot Empress 2

Gaian Tarot Empress

* Favorite candy – Chocolate Bunnies.
* Favorite ice cream – Strawberry
* Pet peeves – Wasted potential
* Favorite condiment – Green Goddess salad dressing
* Favorite holiday – Ostara/Easter
* Favorite movie – Chocolate
* Favorite day of the week – Sunday

* Favorite time of day – Dusk
* Favorite animal – Do I have to choose?  Oh, okay.  Ummm… Cows and jaguars

* Tattoos – Just stretch marks.
* Like to cook – Not as much as I like to eat.
* Can you drive a manual transmission? I’m not very good with machinery.
* Favorite color – Green
* Do you like vegetables? Oh my, Yes!
* Favorite season – Spring
* Dream travel destination – The countryside during harvest season.

Well that’s all of them.  I hope you like my answers.  Run up to the Manor house and give them to my husband, would you?  Emperor, dear.  It’s your turn.

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